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'Elegant mother and daughter' Choi Myung-gil died of illness

In the KBS2 drama 'Elegant Mother and Mother', aired on the 12th, Cha Mi-yeon (Choi Myung-gil) eventually died. On this day, Han Yu-jin (Cha Ye-ryun) shed tears while holding Cha-mi Yeon who fell. Han Yujin regretted, "I didn't know how painful I was and I really believed it was okay." He then resented why he had not told the secretary. Thanks to Han Yu-jin, who immediately called the doctor, Cha Mi-yeon gradually stabilized. When Cha Mi-yeon got up, Han Yu-jin was worried, "I will come here every day." Cho Yun-kyung (Jo Kyung-sook) told Han Yu-jin to take care of her mother. Jo Yun-kyung was worried, "I'm afraid you will become Han later. He added, "I want to see my grandchildren as soon as possible." For the lost Eun-ha Seo (Jisu-won), Hong Se-ra (Oh Chai-yi) ran a nursing care all day long. Hong Se-ra continued to be with him, but Seo Eun-ha was anxious if Hong Sera was invisible for a moment. Hong Se-ra, who called out Denis Jung (Lee Hae-woo), said, "I'll find it again. I have to turn off my cell phone." "Why don't we drink at home? Why don't we go home and comfort our parents?" Then Kim Jong-min visited the chicken house. Hong Se-ra shouted for '2 days and 1 night' and called herself a fan. Denny Jung was jealous of Kim Jong-min, and Kim Jong-min promised, "If two people get married, I will take a look at society." Seo Eun-ha, while sleeping at night, cried and found Hong Sera. "I had a dream of losing you," said Seo Eun-ha, who cried, and hung up with Hong Sera, saying, "Let's sleep with your mother." Hong Se-ra said, "I don't know if this is a good thing or not."
In the midst of that, Gu Jae-myeong (Kim Myung-soo), who was trying to escape to China, was finally captured. Gu Jae-myeong, caught by the police at the scene, asked his son to say, "We are playing games now." "I'm sorry, my father," said Jae-myeong Koo, asking him to hold his son only once. Dol-yi cried out, "Father, don't go." Dol's biological mother headed to Jo Yun-kyung (Cho Kyung-sook) to find her son. My mother-in-law said, "Thank you very much for your sister."
Koo Hae-joon and Han Yu-jin urgently visited Cha Mi-yeon. "I have no choice but to listen to clinical drugs without side effects," said Hae-Joon Koo. Han Yu-jin nursed Cha Mi-yeon with sincerity. Han Yu-jin said, "Let's go to the beauty salon. If you do your hair, you will look healthy and look younger." But Cha Mi-yeon said in an unassuming voice, "My mom wants to live longer, with you and Hae-Jun." Cho Yun-kyung, who visited Cha Mi-yeon's visit, was worried about her eyes turning red. Jo Yun-kyung comforted, "I'm fine, so stay with the children. I want the wedding to go ahead. But Cha Mi-yeon took the hands of Jo Yun-kyung and said, "I don't think I can live long. I'm begging our children. I'm sorry to ask you every time." "Don't say that, shouldn't you look at pretty grandchildren like me?" A wedding was held in which only close family members were invited. Han Yu-jin and Koo Ha-joon signed a 100-year contract in a small church.
Jae-myeong Koo, who went into prison, said to Hae-joon Koo, "If you really go in, send him out as a jewel." However, Hae-joon Koo said to Jae-myeong Koo that he would come out after paying the full price.
At that time, Seo Eun-ha left the house and found Jo Yun-kyung's house. Seo Eun-ha, who lost her memories, looked at Gu Hae-joon's wedding photo and was confused, "Why did you break up when you tried to talk to Sarah?" Seo Eun-ha, looking at Han Eugene, asked, "Who is this? Yura?" Suh Eun-ha, facing Han Yu-jin, said with empty eyes, "This girl is your daughter-in-law. I've seen it. It's pretty." Jo Yun-kyung was sorry for "I can't remember my daughter since I was looking for that." Seo Eun-ha, who came back home, kept thinking of Han Yu-jin. Hong Se-ra worried about Seo Eun-ha and said, "If you go out alone, you won't find it again. Don't go back to Hae-jun's house. There are only enemies who broke up with you there." Seo Eun-ha said, "Thank you, Seraya. I helped my mother get punished like this. I helped her to end her relationship with her." Han Yoo-jin, who grabbed Cha Mi-yeon's hand, said, "Make it a little harder. Shouldn't we go to the Lighthouse Village together?" Eventually, Cha Mi-yeon, who stroked Han Yu-jin's face, died. Two years later, Hae-Jun Koo and Yujin Han still had a happy life. Han Yu-jin said, "It's already been a couple of 2 years," and Hae-Jun Koo said, "I've been trying for 2 years." When Hanyujin cried, the child hurried to the living room. The two were shooting commercials together and devoted themselves to the company. After work, Han Yu-jin, who visited the river, imagined being with her mother, Cha Mi-yeon.