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'Friday night' Seung-gi Lee defined PD Young-seok Na as the best partner

On TVN 'Friday night' (hereinafter 'Gold Friday night') broadcast on the 27th, Lee Seung-ki's 'Experience Life Factory' was first revealed. Lee Seung-ki revealed the epilogue, saying, "I'm back because I'm afraid you're in trouble." PD Young-Seok Na presented a photo album of Lee Seung-gi's work. Looking at this, Lee Seung-ki began to be immersed in memories. Recalling the first time he went to a factory, he recalled a 19-year-old movie. Lee Seung-gi's labor scene, including the compliments he received while attending the factory and the cheese he ate on the massage chair at the cheese factory, was revealed one after the other. PD Young-Seok Na asked Lee Seung-gi to name the 'Best Friend' Award. Yet, he gave a nuance that seemed to want to pick himself up and he laughed. However, Lee Seung-ki picked Seo Hong-suk, a representative of the Komak factory, who gave unlimited love to himself. "The president was my fan," he explained. In fact, at the time, the representative of Seo Hong-seok not only performed a series of dramas starring Lee Seung-gi, but also received a commemorative photo and autographs. Subsequently, Seung-Gi Lee selected PD Young-Seok Na for 'Best Partner Award'. PD Lee Young-suk said, "I always caught Lee Seung-gi when he collapsed." Lee Seung-gi said, "Well ... it was okay," and laughed.  After completing the 'Experience Life Factory', Seunggi Lee said, "It is finished from the first factory to the 10th factory. There are many seniors and artisans who run from the front line, so I think that I learned a lot and reliability increased ." Delivered.