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'I can see your voice 7' Kim Min-joon mourned the 10th cycle of Choi Jin-young

In the Mnet 'You Can See Your Voice 7' (hereinafter 'You Mokbo 7') broadcast on the afternoon of the 27th, Kim Min-jun appeared as the first star and challenged to discover the tone.  On this day, 'You Mokbo 7' Kim Min-joon said, "It's a program that I love so much, but I was sad that I couldn't contact the public. I'm so excited to appear in Season 7," and made me look forward to his future performance. In addition, Kim Min-joon showed a special affection toward Kwon Dami, saying, "The face looks good. Is it because it's newlywed?" "When the public contact came, my wife told me to 'go out, don't tell me. I told you not to be proud," he added.  First, Min-joon Kim said, "Intuitively, I thought number 2 was the highest in probability." If the 2nd Mystery Singer is a talented person, it is 'the key leg F3 cast by you,' and if it is a tone, 'the discordant boyz dreaming of Kim Min-jun'. The result was negative. Kim Min-joon gave his advice as a senior, saying, "I hope you don't give up" to the three mystery singers who are dreaming of actors.  In the second round, which was decided by watching the lip-sync stage, Min-jun Kim chose the mystery singers 3 and 4 as the pitch. However, Mystery Singer 3 was '2 Million View Song Fairy', and Mystery Singer 4 was 'Wangsimni Swimming Instructor'. Both were skilled.
Hearing the 'singer's evidence', the sixth mystery singer was pointed out in the third round, which distinguishes between skill and pitch. "I don't think anyone wearing a black jumper can sing," Kim Min-joon said. If the sixth mystery singer is a talented person, it is 'producing team crew youngest', and if it is a tone, 'lip sync long-term trainee and musician'. The result is negative.  Finally, Min-jun Kim chose number 1 as the 'last one,' and said, "It looks like a tone." However, Mystery Singer No. 5 was a “salesperson” proficient. The Mitch Squad was really regrettable and raised his thumb on the 5th Mystery Singer tone. Shinji gave applause, saying, "The voice is reversed. I play with the sound." Lee Sang-min was surprised, saying, "He's a salesperson."  Kim Min-jun said, “My older brother, who was close 10 years ago, died.” In the meantime, Kim Min-jun selected Choi Jin-young's 'Eternal'.  Kim Min-jun said, "When I came to the public for 'You Mokbo,' I heard a radio in the car and this song came out. I wanted to be meaningful if the skill of 'You Mokbo' really sang 'Eternity'. I died on March 29." .  In addition, he said, "It is the 10th anniversary this year since the death of Choi Choi-young. If SKY's 'eternity' resonates here, it will be a time for me to fall into memories. It will be meaningful to me too. I remembered.  Mystery Singer No. 1, who received the final choice of Kim Min-joon, was a proficient player. He boasted an explosive singing ability and sang Choi Jin-young's 'Eternity'.  Meanwhile, Kim Min-joon will appear in JTBC's 'Would We Love You' scheduled to air this year.