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'TV Carries Love' singer Rose Hwa appeared to find the main character in memories

Rose Hwa-hwa said that she wanted to find her older sister, Baek Hyun-joo, who met in the past song contest program 'Amateur Top Singer Contest' and raised the dream of the singer together. Rosehwa debuted splendidly by winning first place in the ‘Amateur Top Singer Tournament’, which was the entrance door of stars, and confessed that Baek Hyun-joo was naturally disconnected from her busy activities abroad. Rose was the youngest daughter of seven sisters, but because of the lack of medical development in the past, he left six sisters one after another, confessed that he was the only daughter, and said that he died in the June 25 war with his father who went to Japan over the gold and silver business. Later, Rose Hwa, who found her father and lived with her father at the end of the gate, told the father who had already built a new home that she was hurt in adolescence. My father, who had been bluntly treating his daughter after 10 years, was sad. In this regard, Rose said that she met Baek Hyun-joo and relied on her story more comfortably than her parents. During the 'Amateur Top Singer Tournament' of Baek Hyun-ju for about a year, Roh Hwa-hwa practiced singing at Baek Hyun-ju's house together, and Roh Hwa-hwa said about Baek Hyun-ju, "It was sweet and good at singing. Said. Baek Hyun-ju played the most role early, and took responsibility for his livelihood. In addition, he added that she had to give her all the affection that her older sister, Baek Hyun-joo, first met in society, treated her warmly than anyone else. Rose Hwa toured the place of memories with Baek Hyun Joo, listened to the songs in his memories, and was lost in the longing for Baek Hyun Joo. Rose Hwa revealed that she thought she was a "good song" when she saw Baek Hyun-joo, who chose pop songs as a contest. Subsequently, Rose Hwa talked about having a duet together, but after the contest, she suddenly got busy and lost contact with Baek Hyun-joo. Rose said, "I started singing because I liked it, but I felt like it was a means to make money." After that, I quit the singer and confessed to being married. However, Rose said that he later divorced her husband and took all of her husband's debts in order to have custody, so she sang again, struggling with the night business. In response to this, Rose said, “I felt something when I was lonely and struggling. Someone I missed and people I thought of came to mind.” Then Baek Hyun-ju ran to sing the real name of the rose, Kim Soon-ae. Baek Hyun-ju took a picture of the memories taken with the rose and enjoyed the pleasure. Baek Hyun-ju laughed by saying that she met first at other academies, not at the rose and 'Amateur Top Singer Competition'. Following this, Baek Hyun-joo revealed that he had met briefly at KBS broadcasting station after the competition, and surprised Rose again. Baek Hyun-ju showed off his singing skills with an attractive tone and was impressed. Hyunjoo Baek was an exclusive singer of KBS until her marriage, but added to the sadness that she was forced to leave the entire family and quit the singer while getting married. Subsequently, Kim Hyung-jun, the son of a rose painting, appeared and shared memories with a friendly atmosphere. On the other hand, KBS 1TV 'TV is loaded with love' is a program to find and meet the protagonist in memory or the protagonist who always wanted to express gratitude, and is broadcast every Friday at 7:40 pm.